The History of Château Couffins

A high place in the Fronsac region

1874, 2nd edition

Auguste SEIGNAN Jr. has operated the vineyard by producing 350 barrels of red wine. Château Couffins was then perceived as one of the most remarkable castles in Fronsac.

1922, 9th edition

André COUSTEAU and his son Albert, uncle and cousin of Commander Jacques-Yves COUSTEAU respectively. The DROMILLY family and the Civil Society of Château Couffins have followed suit. Each of them has improved the vine's working techniques and improved the reputation of the estate and the quality of its production.

But a decline is coming.

The destruction of the vineyard

1949, 11th edition

the wine world is undergoing a sudden change. Administrative recognition does not follow. The origin of these quality wines is not promoted by an appellation that would ensure a better profitability of production.

The meteorology adds a huge layer of snow...and the frosts of 1956 complete the drama. The sanction falls, the vineyard is destroyed. The vine torn off.


1969, 12th edition

Le château Couffins is no longer listed as a wine estate.

The Château Couffins from 1950 to 2000

The VANDENBERGHE-PARRET family took over the estate in 1956 and wrote a new page of Château Couffins. Of Belgian origin and settled in Normandy after the First World War, the family moved to Gironde and took up the challenge. It restructures the property with a focus on polyculture of cereals and cattle breeding.

In 2009, thanks to inheritance provisions, the estate was restructured.
However, family ties, far from being broken, are strengthened for all the children, including Nathalie BONNET-VANDENBERGHE and all the grandchildren who grew up in the castle.


The farm continues under the direction of the brother, then a nephew, while the castle returns to Nathalie who has transformed it into furnished tourist accommodation.

Despite the different orientations, the castle and the farm are inseparable and their fate is intimately sealed in the immemorial stone inherited from their parents.

To remember and in memory of the glorious hours of the former wine estate, but also to honour the successive managers who ensured the durability of Château Couffins, Nathalie, winegrower in the Bourgeais region, created a branded wine: CHÂTEAU COUFFIN du PERIER .